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Join us for the Cruising for Camden Virtual 5K. We are raising awareness of mitochondrial disease, as well as funds for Child Life department at Ochsner Hospital.

What is a virtual 5K?

A virtual race is one you run (or walk) on your own time on your own terms. You can even skate it, bike it, hike it, or do it anyway you like it!

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Once you complete your 5K (3.1 miles), submit your time using the form at the bottom of this page. Your medal will be shipped to you in November (the end of the race period). 

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There is a dedicated Facebook site for this race. Post pictures of yourself in training or at the "finish line," ask questions about running techniques, and support each other.


About Cruising for Camden

Meet Camden

The little cutie in this picture is Camden. He is an 11-year old boy living with mitochondrial encepholomyopathy. What this means is the powerhouse of his cells that produce energy don't work.

When your mitochondria fail it leads to organ failure. His mito disease affects both muscle (myopathy) and brain (encephalopathy). For Camden this means he has intellectual delay causing him to function at the level of a toddler. This also has caused him to have epilepsy and autism. His muscles don't function causing several organ systems to fail. 

Camden's biggest issue is his gastrointestinal system. He has intestinal failure and chronic pseudo obstruction disorder. What this means is that every so often his intestines fill with air and nothing moves so he has to be admitted to Ochsner Hospital  for iv fluids and gut rest. 

He also gets fed through his intestines by a GJ tube. He has gastroparesis. Two years ago he had his colon removed because it was nonfunctional and causing major issues. So he now has an ileostomy where stool empties into a bag on his side. In addition he has neurogenic bladder and has to be catheterized several times per day. His endocrine system doesn't work so he has a form of adrenal insufficiency and takes steroids several times per day, he also has growth hormone insufficiency that growth hormone injections have not helped. In addition to that he also has ketotic hypoglycemia and dumping syndrome. 

As far as his muscular system his muscles are in atrophy so he uses a wheelchair to get around and when home, he crawls around like mad. 

Despite everything Camden has been through he is the sweetest most loving little boy. He is always ready for hugs and kisses and a singalong.  

Child Life Department

Camden is in and out of the hospital quite often.  During these stays, Child Life makes him feel at home. They bring him toys and dvds. They've all learned who Doc Mcstuffins is and will constantly come in singing and dancing.  

They provide services to children, as well as their siblings and parents, to help normalize hospitalization. Some of the services they provide:


  • Preparation and accompaniment to tests, surgeries, heart catheterizations and other procedures
  • Pre-operative tours
  • Normalization of the hospital environment
  • Therapeutic medical play
  • Sibling support and education
  • Support for grief and bereavement issues
  • Pet therapy
  • School re-entry programs
  • Community outreach programs
  • Activities to continue normal growth and development in clinics, patient rooms and Child Life activity rooms
  • Medical, expressive and other therapeutic play
  • Coordination of special events, such as birthdays, holiday celebrations, entertainment and donations

Join us

We are raising funds to be donated to the Child Life center in order to impact the lives of more children. Join the fun of a virtual 5K. This means you run it where you want, when you want. Once you complete the run, submit your time and mileage and you will be rewarded with a medal. 

But much more than than, your race fees will be used toward a donation to the Child Life department. The donation with occur in November when Camden turns 12.

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Camden's Journey

Check out this great video Camden's family created. 

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