Body sculpting with Dr. Hettiarachchi

As someone who has lost over 100 pounds, I face the issue of sagging skin. After exploring many options, including surgery, I have decided to try body sculpting. 

Follow my journey through a series of treatments. Dr. Hettiarachchi has laid out a plan for me and will do the same for you. Keep tuning in to see my transformation, and if you want to commit to the same, Dr. Hettiarachchi has a package designed just for my followers. 

Body sculpting process explained

Dr. Hettiarachchi of the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health explains the body sculpting process. I am looking to reduce my wing span. 

Halfway through treatment #1

This video shows the technique used in body sculpting. 

Report out for Treatment #1

The honest report after the first treatment.

Why hydrate?

Dr. Hettiarachchi has a great explanation about why hydration is important during the body sculpting process.