Fluffy Fitness

What is Fluffy Fitness?

Fluffy Fitness celebrates the healthiest you, regardless of your level of fluffy. Fluffy folks can be quite athletic, many even finishing full marathons (or more!).

What will I find here?

A lot! Follow blogs from some fluffy friends, find fluffy-friendly athletic events, training tips and plans, and even virtual races.

Forever Fluffy

Fluffy Friendly Races

There are some races that are extremely Fluffy friendly. Topping that list is those produced by runDisney. Even the full marathon is attainable for us fluffy folks (trust me...I completed it in 2017!). It features a minimum pace of 16 minutes/mile. Check out their offerings at www.runDisney.com. 

What is always Fluffy friendly? Our Virtual Races. Check them out and get moving!

RunDisney Blog

Virtual Races

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race you run on your own time on your own terms. You can run it, walk it, hike it, bike it, do it any way you like it!

Why do a virtual race?

For many Fluffy  folks, the thought of lining up at the starting line of a local 5K is intimidating. We want you to get moving, and we want you to earn a medal for your efforts. 

We offer dedicated webpages and Facebook groups for each race. Talk with your fellow participants to help motivate each other. 

Check out our current races

We have many virtual races currently available, many benefiting charitable causes. Check them out on our Virtual Race page.

The Love All Around Me

Folks that inspire

Ken "Thumbs Up" Alegre

Ken's social media posts are sure to put a smile on your face. Don't be surprised if you start to give a thumbs up every time you sweat! 

Eric's 5K Every Day Journey

Follow Eric on his 5K Every Day journey being chronicled on Facebook.

Mark's Dopey Training

Galloway's Dopey Training Plan

For the Fluffy folks training for the ultimate runDisney challenge, here is the Dopey training calendar provided at runDisney.com. 

No upcoming events.

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