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Do fluffy people like food? I know this one does! Here you will find blogs and recipes, some healthy, some not so much. 

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My favorite Retro Rad chef

Emily Ellyn, Retro Rad Diva

Let's face it...some of our favorite foods come from a different era. Emily Ellyn is a "Retro Rad" chef with great recipes and a fantastic look at life. 

She has appeared on Food Networks shows, such as Food Network Star, Cupcake Wars, and Cutthroat Kitchen. 

Please click to explore Emily's recipes and tips, as well as a fun look at some of her Food Network videos.

Desperately Seeking Healthy

Fluffy Food Forums

Recipes for splurging

Sometimes we want decadent, comfort foods. Post and find your favorite recipes here.

Recipes for healthy eating

A wise man once said "every meal is a choice." Share or find your favorite healthy recipes here.

Fluffy Reduction Zone

While we celebrate being fluffy, some people want guidance on becoming less fluffy. Please let us know what type of guidance you would like and we will try to match you with the proper support system. This form goes to a confidential mailbox.

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