This section is dedicated to reviews and information on fluffy friendly (or not) places to go have fun.

The inspiration behind this section is a story many fluffy people have experienced. I remember when I was 100 pounds fluffier going to the theater with my mom. The seat was so small I was embarrassed and uncomfortable. Had I known in advance I may have purchased a seat in a different section or not gone at all.

Please be patient with this section as it will take a long time to get reviews and pictures of the places we want to go. If you would like to assist with writing reviews, please contact me at livingfabulouslyfluffy@gmail.com

Fluffy Friendly Fun

Amusement parks

Reviews of fluffy friendly rides and attractions.


Know before you go...which restaurants have booths only and which ones are too snug for comfort.


Sitting through a show can be long. Check here to make sure it is also comfortable. 

Tinker's Gift Shoppe

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